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The initiatives in favor of new domains pressure on the ICANN to open the process

30 october 2009

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During his 36th international meeting public held this week in Seoul, the ICANN took a historic step in the world of Internet with the approval of a fast track to incorporate the characters to the domains of country code. However, has an important case pending: the start of the process of creating new domains generic top level.

ICANN explained the details of the latest version of the guide for applicants from domains, published in early October, with more stringent requirements than previous versions and that, in the case of disputes between nominations of similar domain, favors to serve the communities certain.

Although this document is a small breakthrough in the program, the ICANN wants tying ropes before launching the process, and ensure that the arrival of new domains will not threaten the security of the Internet with malicious activity as cybersquatting and the "phishing".

The main cause of the delay in the provisional timetables is the protection of the owners of marks. A working group created by the ICANN to deal with this case has already published a series of reports with the measures to develop to ensure that protection, measures that do not just to convince the representatives of the brands.

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