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The association non profit Point Madrid, establishing thanks to the illusion of many people committed by one side with the business life, cultural and social de la Comunidad de Madrid, and another with Internet and new technologies.

Plaza de Castilla

That is .Madrid

During the year 2010, The ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), continue with its policy of liberalisation of new extension of domains, leaving step to the registration of territorial domain. As the first case in Spain, we have the .cat, (corresponding to the culture and language catalan), in use since the year 2006...
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Puerta de Alcalá

Historical reflection

Since the first settlements palaeolithic in the rivera of manzanares, passing through the of celtiberians, romans, visigoths, arabs, castellanos, Austrian, Bourbons, french and a long etcetera until now, all those who have gone through Madrid have found a place for them, Madrid has always been a crossroads.
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Madrid en el mundo

In the world, there are 26 cities that share name with the spanish capital. Are inhabited by tens of thousands of people. In the US there are 10: Alabama, Colorado, Iowa, Kentucky, Maine, Missouri, Nebraska, New York, New Mexico and Virginia. Also in Guinea, Sweden, South Africa, the Philippines, Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Colombia...
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