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Accessibility, browsing and compatibility

Puntomadrid.org has been designed to be as adaptable and user friendly as possible. If you experience any problems accessing its contents, please inform webmaster so as the issue can be corrected.

Short-cut keys

The short-cut keys give direct access to the key sections of our webpage, by pressing a key or a combination of keys. This is especially important for those people who have difficulties using the mouse. This website contains the following short-cut keys:

These short cut keys can be activated according to the browser or operative system that the user is using. The following shows the most common ways:

If these short cut keys over ride the browsers´ ones, they can be accessed by pressing 'alt' and using the arrow keys and 'tab' to move around.

Browsing and compatibility

The puntomadrid.org web pages follow the access guidelines established by the WAI working group, owned by W3C. To avoid the graphic elements being a problem for anyone with sight defects and their specific browser or screen reader, we use a method which separates the content and the graphic presentation, by using the programming valid by HTML 1.0 and semantic markup, with valid CSS 2.0.

If the browser or browser device is not compatible with this technology, the web content will still be entirely legible due to its markup structure. In the same way the site works on PDA´s and mobile devices, without needing too much processor power.

The site is not composed of tables and they are only used to present data and in which case they are used to facilitate comprehension when necessary and are always labeled with a caption and summary, which describe their title and contents respectively.

The links, in which the text does not fully explain itself, have a title attributed to them, which emerges with more information.

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